An Old Fort photographer has won the grand prize in a national photo contest.

Dana Foreman, an Old Fort resident and first-time photographer, has won the grand prize of Country Magazine’s “Country Life” photo contest, winning among 2,000 applicants for her image “Reflections.”

A full-time nurse at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, Foreman took to the camera as a means of occupying her time.

“I became an empty nester and needed a new hobby to keep me busy,” said Foreman in an email to The McDowell News. “So, I took up photography.”

Foreman bought her first DSLR digital camera in March 2017 and since then has experimented with her photography, using her iPhone and camera for Facebook and Instagram posts. In Spring 2017, she started the website Gypsy From Nowhere Photography, featuring blogposts and photos from her photography tours through Kentucky, New Orleans, South Carolina and Wyoming, the site of her soon-to-be winning image “Reflections.”

The photo, taken on June 5 of last year with a Canon EOS 80 D camera, is a snapshot of the Schwabacher Landing, located along the east shore of the Snake River in the Grand Teton National Park. It was among a number of images captured during a days-long photography tour of the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons with her 76-year-old mother.

“My mother first took me to Yellowstone when I was only five years old,” Foreman writes in her blog. “She drove us from New Orleans up to Yellowstone in a VW van in the early 70s. I do believe that she influenced my photographic ambitions. I fell in love with nature, wildlife and mountains on that trip…I was introduced to photography for the first time with the Grant Tetons as the backdrop. I hope to make her proud with memorable moments and excellent digital photos.”

The results paid off, as “Reflections” not only won the scenery division in Country Magazine’s contest, but bested 2,000 other applicants to win the grand prize. For her efforts, Foreman was awarded $1,000 in prize money and featured in a two-page spread in the Feb/March edition of the magazine. According to Foreman, she’s described the experience and her future in photography as “an exciting time.”

“The money I won is going to be reinvested in my photography venture,” said Foreman. “I have plans to earn enough through sales of my photographs to buy a telephoto lens and pursue wildlife photography.”

“Reflections,” along with several other photographs and blogposts, can be found at or at the Gypsyfromnowhere Images Facebook page. For more information, contact Dana Foreman at