An Avery County man sentenced to a year in prison for defrauding Wal-Mart has been given additional time for selling stolen gift cards

Anthony Charles Wallace, 40, of Licklog Road, Newland, was found guilty of two counts of obtaining property under false pretense.

In early January, Wallace was sentenced to 12 months minimum, 24 months maximum in prison after he and his mother, Annette Pagano Wallace, entered Wal-Mart on Dec. 22 and attempted to return unsold items, valued at $353.34, police said. As loss prevention and the Marion Police Department were contacted to handle the matter, the duo confessed to the crime, according to a report.

The younger Wallace was found guilty of aiding and abetting to obtain property under false pretense, while his mother’s case has been moved to Superior Court for March 27.

During the time of his sentencing, an investigation by Sgt. Detective Rick Gutierrez of the Marion P.D. led to additional charges against Wallace for selling stolen Wal-Mart gift cards to Silver Dollar Pawn in Marion. According to arrest warrants issued on Jan. 13, Wallace had reportedly tried to sell the gift cards, with a total value of $270, on Nov. 30 and Dec. 22, the same day as his initial arrest.

As a result, Wallace’s prison sentence was extended by three months with the addition of these recent charges.