An online service to handle court matters in the state of North Carolina has now disposed over one million citations, according to reports.

North Carolina courts' online services officially disposed its one millionth citation on March 3. Online services provide citizens 24/7 convenience to efficiently resolve court matters without going to the courthouse.

Launched in June 2010, citizens can pay costs and fines online for most North Carolina waivable offenses. It is estimated to have saved court cashiers over 45,000 hours of in-person payments and saved the public more than 2 million hours in time spent going to courthouses and waiting in line to pay.

“Court technology and online services are modernizing the way the public does business with our courts,” said Judge Marion Warren, director of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts. “It is more convenient and efficient for the public and the courts.”

Enhanced functionality has been added recently to provide a single lookup that evaluates citation eligibility for all online services, based on the individual's circumstances and history (interfacing with NCDMV and court system data), and informs the user which options, if any, are available. These include:

- Requesting a reduction for a speeding offense

- Requesting a dismissal for a compliance-related offense (e.g., license, registration, and inspection expirations)

- Paying a citation

As part of the Judicial Branch’s eCourts initiative, web-based services are available for the convenience of citizens and the improved efficiency of the judicial system to resolve court matters outside of the courtroom. Additional online services include

- Making payments on eligible criminal and infraction cases for court costs, fines, fees, and probation.

- Looking up a court date by name, case or citation number, county, attorney bar number, or officer number.

- eFile with the appellate courts, business court, and civil courts (where available).

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