McDowell could be seeing either light rain or an inch of snow this weekend, according to reports.

The Foothills Weather Network (FWN)’s seven-day forecast predicted Wednesday a 40 percent chance of snow mixed with rain for this Friday, with a high of 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather expected for Saturday is clearing and cold with a high of 38 degrees.

According to FWN Chief Meteorologist Chris White, precipitation over the weekend could move in as early as 7 p.m. Friday evening and accumulate into Saturday morning, with most of the impact to hit east of I-77. However, specific amount of snowfall, much the chance of actual snowfall, is to be determined.

“There’s still a lot of date to be accumulated between tonight and tomorrow, so it’s still too early to tell,” said White during Wednesday’s update. “According to our temperature profiles, chances are it could be just one inch of snow – nothing that would solidify on the ground and freeze – and other chances are that it melts into rain before it hits the surface.”

The likelihood of snow, according to White, is dependent on low pressure buildups along the Southeast Coastline, the depth of which could affect moisture working with marginally cold atmospheric conditions. Regardless, McDowell is expected to see some flurries come Friday evening, but whether it develops into an inch or more will be determined by updates on Wednesday night and around noon Thursday.

For more information on this weekend’s forecast, visit or the Foothills Weather Network, McDowell County Facebook page.

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