We’ve all heard the saying “ gas cost an arm and a leg,” but what if that were really the case?

During an evening of tv watching, I came across the Syfy show “Blood Drive.”

The science-fiction thriller takes place in a near future where speed junkies have taken to using human blood to fuel their cars because gas is just too dang high.

In the first episode, you discover that not only have cars become carnivorous, but that in this world corporate-controlled cops get points for arresting people and by just being downright corrupt.

“Blood Drive’s” first episode is something that fans of Mad Max and Death Race should sit down and watch. It’s got some great one-liners, good looking women, and of course cars that run on humans.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to enjoy season 1 of the grindhouse-like series on demand, since the show was canceled earlier this year, but it’s still worth a watch.

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