On days that I couldn’t make it to class as a child because of one ailment or another, I would spend my mornings watching cooking shows or my favorite cartoons in bed. 

That may be one of the reasons why I still love watching Food Network and laugh-out-loud comedies when I’m feeling down.

“At Home with Amy Sedaris,” which airs on truTV on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m., can be counted as both of those things.

Sedaris’ new show premiered a few weeks ago, and I was recently lucky enough to watch a rerun of the comedy that parodies shows like “From Martha’s Kitchen” and “The Rachel Ray Show.” 

In the series’ first episode, viewers followed Sedaris as she attempted to create a captain’s feast for  a group of businessman that she barely knew.

During special segments, Sedaris invites in guests like a fisherman, a woman who lives in the woods and a knife sharpener (who has a troubled past with sharp, deadly weapons) to give her viewers tips on how to create the perfect sea-themed dinner.

By the end of the show Sedaris had not only invited in a bunch of weirdos, but she had also created some haphazard boat-themed foods that were less than appetizing and sung a few musical numbers that definitely will not be featured on broadway.

If you love weird comedies that parody cooking/craft shows, then I suggest Sedaris’ new series. Who knows, it may inspire you to start your own DIY series.

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