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How To Maintain Car Value Over The Long Term

When shopping for a new car, savvy buyers know finding the right car involves more than just finding the most comfortable or flashy vehicle. Numerous factors, including resale value, determine what makes a car the right car for a particular buyer.

Various websites and automotive resources rank vehicles based on their potential resale value, and drivers can do much to ensure their cars and trucks maintain that resale value over the long-term.

· Pay attention to the exterior. Much like homes with strong curb appeal can help homeowners get the best price for their homes when those homes are on the market, vehicles that look good can make strong first impressions on prospective buyers. Address any dings or dents on the car before putting it on the market, and make sure the car gets a thorough washing and waxing prior to showcasing it for potential buyers.

Upon purchasing new vehicles, drivers with their minds on maintaining resale values can park their cars or trucks in garages as often as possible to protect them from the elements. In addition, when parking in public, avoid tight parking spaces that can increase the likelihood that other drivers will ding or dent the vehicle when entering or exiting their own cars.

· Protect the interior. A well-maintained interior will impress buyers on multiple levels. Preowned buyers may feel more comfortable buying cars with well-maintained interiors that still make them feel as if they're buying a new vehicle. Vehicles with well-maintained interiors also give buyers the impression that sellers care about the vehicle and prioritized maintenance.

Avoid eating in the car, and immediately address any spills or stains. When taking the vehicle to a car wash, spend the extra money to have the interior cleaned as well. Seat covers can help protect cloth and leather interiors from spills, stains and cracking.

· Keep maintenance receipts. Another way to maintain resale value is to keep all maintenance receipts from the moment the vehicle is purchased. Preowned vehicle buyers are making substantial investments when buying preowned cars, and many will want to be certain they're investing in the right cars and trucks. Documentation with regards to the vehicle's maintenance can assuage any fears buyers may have and help sellers get the most money possible when putting their cars on the market.

Maintaining resale value is a concern for new car buyers who want to get the best returns on their automotive investments.


Tips For Pre-Owned Vehicle Buyers

The impression of used cars and trucks has changed dramatically in recent years. Now widely referred to as "preowned vehicles," such automobiles are now the first choice of many buyers who want reliable vehicles without having to pay full sticker price.

While buying preowned vehicles is less risky today than it might have been two decades ago, there is still some risk for buyers who purchase cars that are not brand new. The following tips can help motorists find preowned vehicles that suit their needs and budgets.

· Do your homework. Drivers rarely buy brand new vehicles without first researching the makes and models they are considering. Whether they are checking a vehicle's safety ratings, gas mileage or warranty terms, buyers know that such research is essential to making the most informed decisions. Preowned vehicle buyers should be just as diligent as new car buyers, researching the vehicle's initial assessments and ordering a vehicle history report to determine if a vehicle they're considering has been in any accidents and how many drivers have previously owned the car. Buyers also should research manufacturer warranty terms to determine whether the original warranty is still in place or if they will need to purchase a new one.

· Develop a realistic budget. Budgets are important whether buyers are purchasing brand new or preowned vehicles. But while new car buyers can reasonably expect their maintenance costs to remain low for a few years, preowned vehicle buyers, especially those purchasing cars without warranties, should expect to deal with repairs sooner than they would if they were buying brand new cars. Leave some room in your budget for repairs and then look for vehicles that fit your budget. Maxing out your budget could prove disastrous if your car needs repairs sooner than expected, and if repairs are a long way off, you are still saving money.

· Make sure you are getting the best price. Preowned vehicle prices may be more flexible than the prices of brand new cars, but it's still up to buyers to ensure they're getting the best price. Resources such as Kelley Blue Book ( and the True Market Value (TMV)® pricing tool can help buyers make the best buying decisions. Using such resources is quick and easy and can help buyers quell any concerns they might have about overpaying for preowned cars or trucks.

· Insist on a pre-purchase inspection for vehicles not designated as certified preowned vehicles. Before making an offer on a preowned vehicle, buyers should insist on a pre-purchase inspection performed by their own mechanics. Such inspections are not necessary when buying certified preowned vehicles from dealerships because such certifications are only granted when manufacturers or other certifying authorities have inspected the vehicles before they were offered for sale. If private sellers or dealers selling uncertified preowned vehicles resist your efforts to get a pre-purchase inspection, walk away and continue your search elsewhere.