The Vickie A. Hogan Multidisciplinary Simulation Lab will be used to train and educate students preparing for careers as nurse aides, practical nurses, registered nurses, phlebotomists, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and those preparing for related careers in health science.

Funding for facility renovation, equipment and related expenses was provided by generous gifts and grants from A.C. “Bud” and Thurlene Hogan, Appalachian Regional Commission, Bank of America, Cannon Foundation, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and The McDowell Endowment.

“We are grateful to each of these individuals and organizations for their support of the college and our programs,” said John Gossett, doctor of education and MTCC president. “We are especially thankful to Bud and Thurlene Hogan, who helped us conceive and initiate plans for this facility before Mr. Hogan’s death last February.”

The Multidisciplinary Simulation Lab will be dedicated in memory of the Hogan’s late daughter, Vickie, who had dreamed of becoming a medical missionary when she was a little girl. Although she would later graduate from nursing school and devote her life to patient care, she never lived to achieve her dream of serving God on the foreign mission field. But it was not for lack of trying.