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On a sticky morning in New Orleans, Cameron Quincy Todd walked into the Cornstalk Hotel, the 65th property she has visited in six months. She didn’t look ragged after a long journey, and she wasn’t carrying any luggage. Instead, she looked refreshed and toted only a small pink satchel containing a notebook — two major clues to her true identity. She approached the front desk and announced herself: The hotel reviewer with Fodor’s Travel had arrived. No need to be nervous.

LOS ANGELES She woke up with a tickle in her throat. This was worrying for Ashly Burch, who, at 27, is a rising star in the small world of voice actors, best known for her work in video games. She knew actors who had blown out their voices in the studio. She’d come close herself. So leaving her house that morning Burch sipped a soothing mix of chai tea and pea milk. “It’s nondairy,” she said. “Dairy creates mucus and that’s not a good sound.”

We’ve all been there before, the sudden or sometimes even expected situation that drops our jaw, puts that lump in our throat, causes our heart to skip a beat and downright scares us. We can be frightened by big things and small, seemingly insignificant things as well. Fear can be paralyzing, leaving us feeling stuck with no energy or motivation to do anything about it.

Generic resumes are often not able to do the job we expect from them. They are too broad in scope and lack the power to grab the attention of someone who has little time to waste in reading all the information crammed into an “experienced” resume.

Your child is off to college, thinking of career paths. You want a major that will lead to a fulfilling, financially stable job, but there’s so much else to explore. Can a future chemist gain insight from a class called “20th Century American History”? Will a film major make use of the lessons found in “Environment and Health”? We asked successful Washingtonians what college experiences helped in their eventual careers. Many pointed to classes and activities far from their fields of study that continue to pay off in unexpected ways.

Working towards our goals can take much effort and determination. It can be frustrating and exhausting at times. We may sometimes feel like giving up. It is not unusual for people to give up and quit right before they are about to succeed.