The Faith Community is a strong player in helping job seekers with their job search.

First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro sponsors Triad Career Network which offers free advice and consultation on a variety of job search tools.

Their specialty is in resume preparation and interviewing techniques. It is a great place to begin a job search and get the basics on those two items. They meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Key players are members of the church.

Jewish Family Services hosts a networking group, provides workshops throughout the year, maintains a job email listserve, and provides employment counseling.

Maple Springs United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem is the host location for Career Support Network which specializes in networking effectively utilizing the LinkedIn website. They meet at noon every Wednesday.

Triad Job Search Network (TJSN) has been a guest of Covenant United Methodist Church on Skeet Club Road in High Point for over 20 years. The church has allowed this job club to utilize their facilities free of charge even though none of the leaders are members of the church.

TJSN specializes in methods to develop connections inside targeted companies in order to tap the “hidden job market” where over 75 percent of professional jobs are found. Their unique programs utilize job search experts and speakers from companies and the community to provide the educational knowhow. Smaller sub-groups, called “Trios”, provide accountability to keep the job seekers engaged in the job search process. They meet every Tuesday from 9 to 11a.m.

A spiritual segment is offered after the main program for those who want to incorporate their faith into their job search. It is non-denominational and open to any who want to share their faith walk with fellow job seekers.

Triad Job Search Network has been hosted by other churches in the Triad in 20+ years of serving the Triad. First Baptist Church in Summerfield and First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem have been homes to branches of TJSN. Life Community Church in High Point hosted a faith-based job search program called “The Way To Work.”

Many other job search clubs have formed in the Triad over the last 20 years that were either sponsored by a church or utilized church facilities for their meetings.

While we are becoming more secular in lifestyle preferences, it would be appropriate to remember the gifts of kindness provided by the Faith Community.

And, members of the faith community need to offer heart-felt thanks for the gifts of love and compassion that God plants in our hearts. He sends the rain on the just and unjust. Therefore, as his disciples, we should be kind and giving to all, especially to those who do not share our beliefs or experiences in life. We are all unique in background and cultural raising. Celebrate that uniqueness and be patient with others, especially when differences in religion and politics tend to divide us. After all, we are brothers and sisters when we look deeply into our heritage.

What does this have to do with the job search? Employers are struggling to find workers who have a servant’s attitude and strong moral character. They are willing to invest in training for a good worker who comes on board with those built-in qualities.

Unfortunately, the level of misrepresentation on resumes and in interviews is causing a serious problem in recruitment. That fact was driven home recently during a talk at TJSN by a local business owner.

Spread the word, churches are providing a vital service to those who are in need of help during their vulnerable time of being without a job. And, hopefully, they remind us to have a servant’s attitude and strong moral character.

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Glenn Wise is owner of Right Hire Solutions.