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No matter where we are in our lives regarding our jobs, our job search or even our search for meaning and purpose, it is important to know and to hold on to the hope that is available to all of us. We are often reminded of this “hope” during the holiday season. It is a gift. We must be open and willing to receive it.

Hope is an interesting concept. It involves something that is unseen. It is about having a strong assurance with things that are unsure and unclear. Hope is about trusting that things will work out even when there is no clue or evidence that it will.

Hope brings a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future. It is through this hope that we can experience joy and peace. Without hope, life can lose its meaning.

For many, the holidays are not necessarily a time of feeling hope. Instead, it may be another reminder of having lost loved ones, or feeling lost in this world or not having close family with which to celebrate. Rather than feeling hopeful, there may be feelings of despair, instead.

It is important that we have people to turn to and places to go to be reminded that no matter what our circumstances, there is always reason to hope. Our lives are important and have special meaning beyond what we can comprehend.

Each one of us matters, even when we don’t feel like we do.

Sometimes it is about letting go of our idea of how life is supposed to be and accepting the way it is at the moment, trusting that it will get better.

This takes faith. Hope is built on faith. It is the part of faith that focuses on the future.

Hope gives us what we need to get through the difficult and dark times in our lives. It provides us with the emotional strength we need to overcome and work through these circumstances.

We all experience setbacks and losses at times. When we do, we can turn to hope for the strength we need to keep going and not give up. Hope provides us with a positive perspective and allows us to view obstacles as expected challenges. It gives us the resilience and the energy to bounce back and move forward.

Dr. Shane Lopez, a senior scientist at Gallup says, “Hope is the leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career and business as well as of a healthier happier life.”

He defines hope as “the belief that the future will be better than the present along with the belief that you have the power to make it so”.

The key here is in knowing that we have the power to make it so. I believe this power has been placed within each one of us.

We can access this power at any time and in any place. It’s like when Glenda the good witch tells Dorothy, “You have had the power all along.”

When we truly know and understand that we have the power to help create a better future for ourselves, we show up differently. We are inspired. We believe in positive outcomes and in turn we can conceive the goals that will help get us there.

Hope fosters excitement and enthusiasm. We become motivated to take action towards our goals.

We acknowledge and embrace the fact that the path towards our goals may be challenging and take a lot of effort and hard work.

When we remain hopeful, we will also reassess our situations periodically.

If we continue to run into obstacles over and over again, we may discern that the direction we are going is just not meant to be. And that’s okay, because with hope we know that there is something better for us.

The best thing any of us can do this holiday season is to reconnect or stay connected to the power within and the hope that it brings.

In doing so, we can be confident that good things will come our way.

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Lucy Wellmaker is a blogger at inspiring others through the “Wow Moments” of life.