What would it be like for you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are exactly where you are meant to be? What if you knew for sure that, in this moment, your job situation, your finances, your relationships and all the areas of your life are precisely where they need to be?

Trusting this to be true can save us some stress, heartache and frustration. This is not to say that we become complacent and stay where we are. Instead, it gives us permission to be where we are and empowers us to make the changes we desire.

We must first accept and embrace our current situation, trusting that in some way or somehow it has come to serve us. Then, we can open ourselves up to improving, changing and creating a life we love.

We may be seeking a different career, a new relationship or the courage and strength to deal with a difficult situation. No matter what, we can trust that where we are now does not determine where we can be in the future.

One way to a brighter future is to trust our inner voice. It will always provide us with the wisdom and guidance we need to move forward in the direction of our dreams and desires.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between what our inner voice is saying and what we want to hear. It is easy to be confused by it all. For this reason, it is good to have someone in our lives who can help us discern this. Someone, of course, who we trust.

Through this discernment we may be called to do things that, left to our own decision, we may or may not ever choose. Yet we feel a strong sense to say “yes” and move forward with the idea. We are being called to step out in faith and trust the power working within us and beside us.

Once we do, it is not uncommon to begin to doubt our decision or even our motives. We may question our own integrity or whether what we are doing even makes sense.

We may get the affirmation we need to move forward and then quickly lose momentum because we just can’t see how things could possibly work out based on our current situation. This is when we must remain steadfast and trust that what we know to be true really is true.

We must not give up on our hopes and dreams. It is important to visualize and see ourselves achieving these milestones even when others can’t or choose not to see it.

Other people, often very well meaning, don’t always know and understand what has been placed on our hearts. We must trust ourselves and move towards these desires determined to reach our goals.

Recently, and over the years, there have been some very close football games with surprising outcomes. Determined teams have come back to take the lead in unexpected ways. This can happen for us in life as well. It’s the balance between faith and action that can lead us to victory.

It’s not over yet. There is still more time. Consider this your half-time or fourth quarter pep talk.

While in the last few seconds a “Hail Mary” and another prayer can save us. In the game of life, we never know how much more time we have.

Now is the time to put our trust in what we know to be true.

When we learn to trust and discover the way to the truth, we become inspired to encourage others to follow it as well. Today, I invite you to believe and to transform your fears and doubt into a confident trust this year and beyond.

Lucy Wellmaker is a blogger sharing her Words of Wisdom at MyWeeklyWow.com