Well Played Board game cafe is hours of fun

Entertainment writer Landdis Hollifield pretending to be slightly shocked in front of all of the games inside of Well Played, Asheville’s first board game cafe.

In a meeting for my day job, I learned about a new cafe called Well Played.

The new business in downtown Asheville offers patrons not only an assortment of foods and beverages, but over 600 board games that can be played endlessly for the small price of $5 per person.

Recently, a friend and I headed up the mountain and after dinner we decided to spend a few hours in the cafe.

I was pretty excited at the idea of playing the games I grew up with. When I entered the doors of the cafe, however, I was overwhelmed by the amount of games on the shelf that I didn’t know how to play.

What was Exploding Kittens, 13 Days or Machi Koro?

Did I want their game master to help our table learn how to play something? Would I forever look like an idiot  in front of the friend that I had dragged to the cafe?

My palms were sweating. I quickly looked around for an old familiar board game.

Monopoly? Nope, I don’t have enough people for that.

The Game of Life? Nope, not enough people.”

Jenga? Not complicated enough.

Finally, a heavenly glow came from the corner of one of the shelves.

Scrabble! I quickly grabbed the board game and made my way to the table.

My associate looked at me. He was not impressed by my selection.

“Let’s just give this a try and we can get another game if this doesn’t work out,” I said, while sipping my drink.

After the first four words were on the board, the energy between us loosened and hesitation turned into competition.

An hour and half later we had the board filled and our spirits were high. I didn’t win our competition, but I hope to return to Well Played soon for a rematch.

If you love board games and spending time with friend without too many interruptions from technology,  I suggest visiting Well Played.

You can even visit their website http://wellplayedasheville.com/games/ to plan out your gaming beforehand.