One of Netflix’s newest series, “White Gold,” will have you rooting for a charistmatic replacement windows salesman whose motives aren’t always the pureist.

The show, which follows Vincent Swan, played by Ed Westwick, takes place in 1983.

During the era of light pop hits and bad hair, viewers follow Vincent as he becomes the top window salesman at an Essex window company.

It may sound like Vincent is making an honest living, but once viewers see his tactics for closing a sale, they’ll think otherwise.

The womanizing, silver-tongued character, played by Westwick, uses any method necessary to hawk his company’s cheap, plastic windows, all while indulging in all things ‘80s.

If you’re a fan of the movies “Blow” and “Catch Me If You Can,” you’ll love “White Gold.”

It’s a great throwback series that will have you pulling out your Miami Vice-era clothes and rooting for a character who is far too shifty and smart for his own good.

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