'Topless rally' in Old Fort a bust

The purported "topless rally" in an Old Fort park was sparsely attended.


For those who hoped to see topless women in Old Fort on Sunday, the event fell flat.

Town officials were concerned last month when a flier showed up on several store fronts saying there would be a topless rally/protest on Sept. 15 similar to one held in Asheville earlier this year.

The organizer of the Asheville event told The McDowell News he wasn’t behind the fliers and didn’t know where Old Fort was.

On Sunday, several spectators showed up and left disappointed.

"There has been more traffic today than at the Christmas parade," said Louie Smith, who was hoping to see some action.

Police Chief Melvin Lytle had extra hands on staff just in case.

"There were about 40 men out here that left, and two women fully clothed," said Lytle.

No protestors showed up to counter the non-existent topless women.

Smith said he wasn't giving up hope that the rally would still go on even as the clock neared 3 p.m.

"I want to see some (breasts) and God bless America!" he stated.