The McDowell county chapter of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a small, foster-based organization working to save the lives of dogs and cats throughout McDowell County. They operate solely on donations, fundraising, and the proceeds raised in their Second Chances thrift store in Marion.

Since the McDowell chapter was founded in 2016, they have rescued over 500 animals and have helped the McDowell County Animal Shelter significantly decrease their euthanasia rate. Euthanasia rates hovered over 90 percent in previous years, but have dropped to below 30 percent since Brother Wolf’s work began in McDowell County.

McDowell County has very few resources to help abandoned, homeless and unwanted animals, or those who need costly veterinary care for illness or injury. Brother Wolf McDowell rescues many of these animals, whose only other option may be euthanasia.

Currently the McDowell chapter is caring for many cats and dogs that need medical care and procedures. They need our community’s support in order to continue doing their life-saving work.

Three of the many animals who will benefit from our community’s support are Ziggy the kitten, Liz the walker hound, and Karma the cat.

Ziggy arrived at Brother Wolf as a 5-week old kitten with a severe respiratory infection that almost cost him his life. After weeks of veterinary care, his respiratory symptoms have mostly cleared, but damage to his eyes will require an expensive surgery to save his vision. Without this surgery, Ziggy will lose both of his eyes.

Liz gave birth to seven puppies in the McDowell County Animal Shelter. Brother Wolf pulled Liz and her pups and settled them into a foster home. Liz is suffering from a mammary tumor, likely due to years of breeding. Now that her babies are weaned, Liz’s will undergo expensive surgery to remove the tumor before it further endangers her life.

Karma is a young, sweet male cat who Brother Wolf took in after seeing him in a free-to-a-good-home ad. He was missing 60 percent of his fur and was covered head-to-tail in open sores and scabs. Karma was severely allergic to something in his environment, and has required continuous and ongoing veterinary care to help him heal and become healthy enough for adoption.

Brother Wolf McDowell Chapter appreciates any donations to assist with the ever-growing veterinary bills. With our help, they can continue to help McDowell County animals and give them a second chance at life.

Donations can be made via Paypal at; online at; by phone at 828-559-2777, or by mail/in person at Brother Wolf McDowell County Chapter, 74 S. Main St. in Marion.

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