Recent college grad and Marion local Shelby Robinson is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Robinson, 22, is participating in the World Race where she will travel to 11 countries in 11 months to volunteer and minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

“The main goal is to allow us to work alongside ministries that are already in place and assisting them in any way we can help out,” said Robinson.

This weekend she will fly out of Atlanta to begin her almost year-long journey around the world. They will begin in Indonesia, and then travel to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bosnia, Kosovo, Romania, South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia.

“One of my biggest excitements is experiencing different cultures and countries. I love languages and that is a big interest for me,” she said.

And what will she do on the trip?

“We could do anything from painting, to teaching English, working at a coffee shop, door-to-door ministry or working at a church.”

Robinson will travel with a group of 29 “world racers” and five squad leaders. Once in the country, they will split up into smaller groups and travel to different areas or villages.

“I really hope through this trip, I will learn what it is I am called to do. I know it is some form of ministry, but I don’t know what specific thing it is,” said Robinson. “I’m hoping after experiencing all of these 11 countries and being in the different ministry settings really sparks what I am supposed to do.”

Robinson has been training, preparing and fundraising for this trip since last spring when she was accepted in the program. She had to raise $17,400 to go, a goal that was reached this past Sunday with the help of friends and family.

“The pastor I grew up with came back and preached my commissioning service at my home church of New Hope Baptist Church in Old Fort. We had lunch afterward from a barbeque place in Brevard that donated all of the food, and hung out and said our goodbyes,” said Robinson.

Robinson is the daughter of Chad and Tammy Robinson of Marion. They will get to join her for about a week when she arrives in Romania in late August.

“It will be a good experience for them,” said Robinson.

Chad said he and his wife are excited about what God is doing in their daughter’s life. Although concerned about her health and safety as any parents would be, they are supportive of her mission.

“We are trusting that God will protect her and provide her every need as she travels through each country. We know that it is His will for her to go and have seen Him work through this entire process and throughout all her preparation,” he said. “Our prayer is that God’s protection is on her and her team and that hearts are prepared to hear the Gospel.”

Robinson said she hopes to be back in the states by late November or early December, but stories of her travels, ministry and adventures can be followed by checking out her blog at For more information on the mission trip, visit

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