A Florida family is offering a cash reward for their three beloved dogs that were displaced after their Old Fort home caught on fire and burned to the ground.

On February 2, Scott Hunt and his son woke up around 4 a.m. to a massive fire in their house in the gated community of Gateway Mountain in Old Fort. Hunt suffered severe third-degree burns and multiple facial fractures after he jumped out of the third-story window to escape the flames. His son suffered burns on his hands and feet.

“He went downstairs to wake up my son, and then went upstairs to get the dogs, but the fire was on his back. He went into the bathroom and turned the shower on to wet his skin. He didn’t see the dogs, but called for them to get out,” Teresa said Friday. “When he jumped out of the window, he hit his face on the AC unit and suffered multiple facial fractures, broke his femur on his left leg and suffered third-degree burns. He’s gone through a lot.”

According to Teresa, the fire marshal resolved the fire as accidental but the home was a total loss.

Scott was released from the hospital on Friday, and he is doing well, but now the family is looking to retrieve their lost dogs. The animals have been spotted around the Crooked Creek area near the old store on Bat Cave Road. The owners believe the dogs are still alive, scared and lost.

“We have been back and forth looking for the dogs. We thought some tragedy happened with them, but Monday they were sighted. My daughter went down and spent the entire day looking for them,” said Teresa. “We just want to make the community very aware that they are still out there.”

The dogs are a blonde male Chihuahua named Charlie; a black Morkie with touches of brown named Abby; and a silvery tan Morkie named Holly. A Morkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese.

The family is offering a $500 cash reward to the person who finds them and brings them home.

Teresa said her daughter would be in the Crooked Creek area again this weekend looking for the three pets. She hopes the community can help by being on the lookout.

“We ask that you don’t approach them in an aggressive way, but don’t pass them by either. We don’t know what these dogs have been through; even if someone calls them by name they are scared,” said Teresa. “But they love carrots. We have never given up hope and it’s just a miracle that three little lap dogs have survived the weather, the wild animals and possible starvation.”

If you have any information on the missing animals, contact Darlene at 828-668-7878.