The Family Dollar store in Old Fort is going out of business and will be closed by the end of January.

By the end of January, the Family Dollar store in Old Fort will be out of business.

Located at 809 East Main St., the retail business has a big sign on the front saying “store closing.” Another sign says the fixtures are for sale.

The manager and employees at the store declined to answer questions about the closing from a McDowell News reporter. They referred all questions to the corporate office.

In 2015, the Family Dollar chain was acquired by Dollar Tree. Randy Guiler, the vice president of investor relations with Dollar Tree, said to The McDowell News that the Old Fort store is expected to close around the end of January 2017.

“We opted not to renew our lease of this location,” he wrote Wednesday in an email. “A number of considerations are taken into account when determining whether to renew or extend leases, relocate stores or close stores. I cannot provide further details.”

Guiler wrote he was unable to share information about the building’s owner. “I do not know what their plans will be with the building,” he stated in an email.

The Marion store on West Henderson Street will “absolutely” stay open, he said.

On Wednesday, customers were coming by to take advantage of the Old Fort store’s closing sale.

One of them was Andrew Vanpelt, who works at the Ethan Allen plant across the road. Vanpelt said he would notice the lack of business whenever he went outside during a break.

“We all work at Ethan Allen,” he said. “I’ve always noticed it wasn’t very busy here. You didn’t see many cars here.”

He said he heard that the Dollar General store in Old Fort got more business than the Family Dollar.

“I’m just sorry to see it happen,” said customer Patty Manley of Old Fort. “I’m sorry to see it happen for their (employees’) sake and the community’s sake.”