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Peer Group Connection held a Family Night recently at MHS in an effort to strengthen communication with parents.

Peer Group Connection (PGC) of McDowell High School held a Family Night on Monday, Dec. 11.

The event was another effort by PGC to aid in the ninth grade transition to high school by facilitating honest, open communication between students and parents.

MHS PGC leaders introduced parents to the program and explained the role of their student in the program. PGC leaders performed a skit focused on the high school experience and the challenges in communication between teenagers and their parents, and then facilitated small group discussions between parents and students about what it’s like to be in their roles as students and parents..

"I was pleased that parents were willing to open up and communicate about topics that typically would not be brought up in normal households." PGC Leader Trey Beverly said. "I feel that parents gained a new perspective and hopefully are able to communicate with their students more effectively."

With new stresses facing both freshmen and parents as they adjust to high school life--different school, multiple teachers, new social situations-- it can be a challenge for parents figure to out how to best support their child in high school. The goal with PGC Family Night was to ease these stresses by helping students and their parents understand each other's experiences and perspectives, improve their communication, and help them continue their transition to high school in a positive way.

Peer Group Connections is a peer mentoring program and class taught at McDowell High School, where 11th and 12th grade leaders facilitate small group activities with ninth grade students each week, to aid in their transition to high school.

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