LINC program graduates 6th class

Pictured are graduating members of the 2013-14 LINC VI class. Class participants included Alan Lawrence, April Stephens, Brad Ledbetter, Chris Allison, David Moore, Donnita Silver, Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Shuford, Eleanor Bibb, Evelyn Butler, Jan Allison, Jane Townsend, Janice Daves, Jenelle Sayre, John Gossett, Karen Moore, Kay Duckworth, Lamar Smitherman, Landdis Hollifield, Lanetta Byrd, Marion Baker, Mark Garrett, Mary Ann Lawrence, Oscar Creech, Pat Estes, Ruth Raffield, Sherry Banks, Sue Huskins, Susan Berley and Tracy Cotton.

One of the largest LINC classes recently graduated from McDowell Technical Community College.

The 2013-14 leadership class ushered 30 students through the program designed to help participants acquire a better knowledge and awareness of their community and its future.

Classes meet one day per month for 10 months and combine tours and events throughout McDowellCounty with problem solving, managing change, communication and broadening a sense of awareness of our community. 

Location visits include topics about history, economic development, education, business and industry, government, health and human services, environment and natural resources, transportation, law enforcement, and tourism.

Individuals interested in being part of the 2014-15 LINC class can submit applications to The McDowell County Chamber of Commerce through the month of July.

For an application and additional information, call 652-4240 or visit


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