The owner of the home where a shooting occurred in the Dysartsville community Wednesday has been charged with murder.

Steven Adam Taylor, 38, of 6003 Gold Mine Road, was charged Wednesday night, according to an official with the magistrate’s office. The bond amount will be decided by a judge, officials say.

Taylor is accused of shooting Kevin Lewis McSheffrey Jr., according to the magistrate’s office.

The shooting happened around 7:40 a.m. at Taylor’s home, according to Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant.

Taylor called 911 and reported that he shot McSheffrey after he broke into his home, Whisenant said. Taylor and a female witness voluntarily came to the sheriff’s office later that day to speak with officers.

Whisenant said Taylor and the witness were cooperative during an interview and were released. Taylor and McSheffrey knew each other, Whisenant said.

State Bureau of Investigation officers were called from Ashe County to assist the sheriff’s office with the crime scene.

“They will be meticulously going through the crime scene and matching the evidence to what we were told by the witnesses,” Whisenant said Wednesday afternoon. “We’re not sure if what we’re being told is truthful, so we have to investigate and get a wide enough crime scene that we can encompass everything that may become evidence.”

McSheffrey was found dead inside the home, but some evidence was being gathered outside. Taylor said at least one window was busted during the alleged breaking and entering, Whisenant said.

Whisenant said officers had been called to the area multiple times for crime and had even been inside the home before Wednesday.

“We’ve had some violence (in the area), some substance abuse, some drug activity,” Whisenant said. “We were aware of that residence. We have been in that area several times.”

Steve Michaels, a nearby resident, said multiple people in the area are known to cause trouble.

“There’s been trouble here for a long while,” Michaels said, “We’re tired of being stoled from, being thieved from, and they turn them right down there to that courthouse and turn them loose.”

Michaels said he has been broken into numerous times by “this same bunch.” Thieves have stolen items such as chains and batteries from Michaels before, he said.

“We’re tired of it — we ain’t going to put up with it no longer,” Michaels said about the court system. “Either do something, or we’ll do it ourselves.”

Officials did not say what kind of gun was used. It is currently unknown how many shots were fired, Whisenant said Wednesday afternoon.

Ryan Wilusz is a staff writer and can be reached at or at 828-432-8941.

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