McDowell family travels to Texas to assist hurricane victims

The Brewers and Pools from McDowell loaded down with donations, drove to Texas and back in 72 hours delivering items to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They dropped at a distribution center Strawberry Fields of Learning, a school turned into a relief center. (From left) Randi Whitney, owner of Strawberry Fields of Learning, Jordan Freeman, Todd Pool, Eva Pool, Dana Brewer, Dylan Brewer, Adam Holland, Catherine Holland. The Hollands were a couple that lost everything and came for supplies that day. Adam Holland wrote about his experience on his website

For one McDowell family, sitting around worrying about the victims of Hurricane Harvey was just something they couldn’t do.

“My mom woke up on Wednesday and just felt the Lord say ‘stop worrying and go do something’,” Jordan Freeman told The McDowell News. “So together her and I posted on Facebook, and in less than 36 hours through our church, local schools, local businesses, family and friends, we were able to fill two large trucks, a large horse trailer and a U-Haul.”

Byrd and her family—Dana Brewer, Todd Pool, Eva Pool and Dylan Brewer—left McDowell County on Friday Texas bound with dozens of donations given by McDowell residents. Upon arrival, they met with a local family in Texas who escorted them through neighborhoods and passed out the goods to people in need.

“It was the most humbling experience I think any of us have ever had,” Freeman said. “We saw homes completely under water, cars completely submerged and abandoned, and entire communities with all of their contents in the front yard as they had to gut their homes.”

But even in the uncertain future of many Texan residents, Freeman said people were ‘so nice, upbeat and excited to see us.’

“When a man cried over a bottle of bleach, we all couldn’t help but cry with him. When we went to the center to drop off the rest of our items, the people just cried and were beyond thankful that we could even consider coming to help them,” Freeman said. “The Lord called our family to make this journey and through the help of our community, it was made possible. The Lord stayed with us the entire time. We were gone for 72 hours and we received such a blessing by going.”

The Holland family from Texas who came to the center where the family dropped many of their donations moved everyone to tears that day, and wrote about his experience on his website. Here is a portion of what he wrote:

“Catherine and I have had plenty of heroes during this whole Harvey hell. Randi and a family of wonderful people from North Carolina are the latest.’ We saw what was going on and we started loading up donations,’ Dana Brewer, a North Carolina resident told me. ‘We finally had to tell people that we had no more room in our trailer.’ What she didn’t mention was that they also rented (with their own money) a U-Haul, all so that we could break away from our tears and try to get back to normal. I don’t even know whether Dana Brewer and her family are Tarheels, Blue Devils or members of the Wolfpack. But I do know that they are angels. Strawberry Fields Forever … And North Carolina too.”

Their entire trip was documented on Brewer’s Facebook page from beginning to end. To see a photo gallery, visit