For some, Veterans Day is a day off from school or work. For others, is it a day to reflect and remember the sacrifices of those that have served our country as a member of the armed forces which was the goal of the McDowell High School presentation Thursday morning.

The program included several events that acknowledged the men and women who have served for our freedom. The NJROTC cadets also participated in Veterans Day observations at Nebo and Marion elementary schools and East and West middle schools.

To Cadet Lucas Hennessey, this day is to remember and respect the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom, “Veterans Day is a day I feel most proud of our country. I'm honored to have the right to sit back, and enjoy life. Veterans Day is about respecting those who have served to give us our right to stand tall, and free.”

With thankful hearts we remember those who serve and have served.

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            By Emma Washburn



We HONOR our veterans

For everything they do.

They fought for our FREEDOM,

For me and you.

Remember those who have SERVED,

For our country and for our name.

After the WARS,

They were never the same.

The ones who FIGHT the battles,

Give it their all.

They are our HEROS,

Who will always stand tall.



Veterans Day

By Georgia Crawley



Veterans Day is a special day to honor those we love.

Paw John sits here with me, Paw Bud looks from up above.

Both these men served our nation with dignity and grace,

That’s why we call America a very special place.

This prayer rock is special, it belongs to my Paw Bud,

Who took this stone to Vietnam and replaced sadness with love.

He prayed to God for strength.

He prayed to God for peace.

He rubbed the edges smooth ‘til freedom was released.

Paw John gave 20 years of service every day.

He fixed the engines of the planes,

So hear me when I say…

Soldiers on the front lines fighting for democracy.

Soldiers on the front lines fighting for you and me.


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