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The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News budget for Sept. 20, 2017. The editors are Amy Orndorff and John Romero. All stories have moved unless otherwise noted. For questions about stories, photos or graphics, please call 202-334-7666.

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MURKOWSKI - WASHINGTON - Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski isn't convinced the current health-care bill is good for her state. But she isn't a definite "no" either. 1,550 words, by Sean Sullivan (Post).

MARIA-DOMINICA - Emergency workers rush to Dominica after island is devastated by Hurricane Maria. 635 words, by Anthony Faiola (Post).

MUELLER - Special Counsel Robert Mueller casts a broad net in requesting extensive records from the Trump White House. 895 words, by Carol D. Leonnig, Rosalind S. Helderman (Post). One video.

NATIONS-MELANIA -- Melania Trump condemns bullying - and raises some eyebrows - in her first U.N. speech. 820 words, by Krissah Thompson (Post).

TAXES-GOP -- Senate Republicans say a preliminary budget deal this week improves their chances of passing a tax bill. 960 words, by Sahil Kapur and Erik Wasson (Bloomberg).

TRUMP-PLANES -- Analysis: The Trump administration has a private plane problem. by Aaron Blake (Post).

HEALTHCARE-OBAMA - Obama says Wednesday that repealing the ACA would inflict 'real human suffering' on Americans. 340 words, by Juliet Eilperin (Post).

VOTER - Trump says he's worried about voter fraud. One of his nominees may have voted illegally in Virginia. 550 words, by John Wagner (Post).

ADHD - ADHD may be a type of sleep disorder. 1,020 words, by Ariana Eunjung Cha (Post).

FLORIDA-COLLEGE - This university leader fled Florida during Hurricane Irma. Now, she has been ousted. 780 words, by Sarah Larimer (Post).

VATICAN-DIPLOMAT - Vatican diplomat implicated in child porn case has served in India and Hong Kong. 420 words, by Julie Zauzmer (Post).

EQUALITY-CAKES - Cake fundraiser supports gay marriage as a Supreme Court case looms. 1,070 words, by Roxanne Roberts. Four photos.

LAMOTTA-OBIT - Jake LaMotta, "Raging Bull" of boxing, dies at 95. 1,700 words, by Matt Schudel (Post).

FLORIDA-ORANGES - Irma and the end of orange juice. 990 words, by Caitlin Dewey (Post). One photo.

CROP-INSURANCE -- Hurricanes Irma and Harvey hit some of the nation's least-insured crops, the USDA says. 885 words, by Alan Bjerga (Bloomberg).

GE - GE's cost-cutting plan targets use of corporate jets. 335 words, by Richard Clough, Anders Melin and Thomas Black (Bloomberg

MEXICO-COMMENT - Mexico needs help now. Can President Trump overcome his grudges and provide it? 780 words, by Leon Krauze (Post special).

GLOBAL-BUSINESS-COMMENT -- Business leaders can solve global problems. 840 words, by Michael R. Bloomberg (Bloomberg).

CONSTITUTION-COMMENT -- The Constitution is passing the Trump stress test. 1,185 words, by Noah Feldman (Bloomberg).

TAX-GOP-COMMENT -- Republicans look for easy way out on taxes. 900 words, by Jonathan Bernstein (Bloomberg).

HEALTHCARE-COMMENT -- Health debate would change after Graham-Cassidy. 1,260 words, by Megan McArdle (Bloomberg).

CARTOON-DANZIGER-NKOREA - Jeff Danziger's editorial cartoon (Post). Three graphics.

CARTOON-DANZIGER-VIETNAM - Jeff Danziger's editorial cartoon (Post). Three graphics.

CARTOON-DANZIGER-AFGHAN - Jeff Danziger's editorial cartoon (Post). Three graphics.



MARIA (2NDLD) - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Hurricane Maria lashes Puerto Rico with force not seen in 'modern history.' 1,325 words, by Samantha Schmidt, Mark Berman and Sandhya Somashekhar (Post). One photo, two video links.


HEALTHCARE-TIMING - WASHINGTON - Why Senate Republicans are in such a rush this month on health care. 780 words, by Elise Viebeck (Post). One photo.

HEALTHCARE-BLOCKGRANTS - WASHINGTON - The latest Senate Republican health-care bill resurrects block grants as a strategy for overturning the Affordable Care Act. 1,190 words, by Dave Weigel (Post).

HEALTHCARE-REPORT - WASHINGTON - Graham-Cassidy bill would cut funding to 34 states, report shows. 1,140 words, by Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin (Post). One photo.

NATIONS-202 - Reactions vary to President Trump's U.N. speech. 1,830 words, by James Hohmann (Post).

EPA-SECURITY - At EPA, guarding the chief pulls agents from pursuing environmental crimes. 1,200 words, by Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis (Post).

DC-RALLIES - D.C. officials call the peaceful collision of Juggalos, Trump supporters, protesters and dozens of other groups a successful day. 905 words, by Perry Stein (Post). Three photos. One video.

ENERGY-POLICY - The Energy 202: Hurricanes are dominating the news. But forest fires are raging out West. 1,015 words, by Dino Grandoni (Post).

COASTGUARD - The Coast Guard sets a record for cocaine seizures at sea for the second consecutive year. 1,205 words, by Dan Lamothe (Post).

HACK-VICTIMS - Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims. 505 words, by Eric Yoder (Post).

TEXAS-GRADRATES - On-time graduation rates rise at the University of Texas. 880 words, by Nick Anderson (Post).

CANCER-VISA - A visa snafu is keeping a stemcell donor from Vietnam from coming to the U.S. to aid a dying cancer patient. 1,200 words, by Kyle Swenson (Post). Two photos.

DECLASSIFIED -- What we still don't know about Obama-era "unmasking." 1,130 words, by Eli Lake (Bloomberg).

BULLYING - An Idaho community responds to a father's heartfelt Facebook plea to stop bullying his son. 1,230 words, by Ellie Silverman (Post). Three photos.

AMAZON-REGISTRY - Received a weird Amazon email about a baby registry you don't have? You aren't alone. 425 words, by Abby Ohlheiser (Post).

CITIZEN-APP - 'Citizen,' anti-crime phone app launched in New York, now rolling out in San Francisco. 1,240 words, by Tom Jackman (Post).


MEXICO - MEXICO CITY - Mexico City residents dig through immense piles of pancaked rubble searching for survivors of a devastating earthquake that killed more than 200 people across central Mexico. 1,055 words, by Joshua Partlow (Post). Two photos, one video, one graphic.

NKOREA - TOKYO - President Trump's rhetoric hands North Korea a useful propaganda tool, experts say. 900 words, by Anna Fifield (Post). With NKOREA-JAPAN (Takahashi, Cislo, Bloomberg).

NKOREA-CHINA - BEIJING - China rebukes President Trump after he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if necessary. 1,065 words, by Simon Denyer (Post).

VIETNAM-PODCAST - "The American War": The Vietnamese who fought in the Vietnam War have rarely told their stories - until now. 275 words, by Alyssa Rosenberg (Post). Podcast and photo.

UKRAINE-BG -- Russia will press ahead a plan for U.N. peacekeepers in Ukraine, despite opposition from the U.S. and Kiev.825 words, by Henry Meyer (Bloomberg).

GERMANY (1STLD) -- Chancellor Merkel's main challenger slams a planned steel merger that would cut thousands of jobs. 685 words, by Stefan Nicola, Richard Weiss and Birgit Jennen (Bloomberg).

IRAN-POLICY-BG -- President Trump says he's made a decision on whether the U.S. will continue to abide by the Iran nuclear deal - but he won't say what it is. 910 words, by Nick Wadhams, Kambiz Foroohar and Gregory Viscusi (Bloomberg).

IRAN-PRISONER - The family of an 81-year-old former UNICEF worker held by Iran worries he might die in custody. 870 words, by Carol Morello (Post)

RUSSIA-POLL - Putin's imaginary successor wins 18 percent in new poll, even though he doesn't exist. 445 words, by Adam Taylor (Post).

SPAIN-BG - Spanish police raid Catalan government offices to shut down preparations for an independence referendum. 525 words, by Esteban Duarte (Bloomberg).

KENYA - NAIROBI, Kenya - Kenya's Supreme Court: Here's why we annulled the results of the presidential election. It was a mess. 490 words, by Kevin Sieff (Post).

FIRSTLADY-BILLBOARD - They said Melania Trump was the face of success. She made them take down billboards with her face. 515 words, by Herman Wong (Post).


FED - In sign of U.S. economy's strength, Fed to start reducing $4.5 trillion balance sheet. 280 words, by Heather Long (Post).

EQUIFAX - By this point it probably doesn't matter if you find out Equifax exposed your data. It's too late. 700 words, by Brian Fung (Post).

FINANCE-POLICY - The Finance 202: Is the GOP really backing off tax cuts for the rich? We'll see. 730 words, by Tory Newmyer (Post).

TAXCUT-CEOS -- A group of U.S. business executives calls for Congress to cut the corporate tax rate as low as possible. 765 words, by Ben Brody (Bloomberg).

TOYSRUS -- Toys "R" Us isn't going anywhere, at least not if toymakers have their way. 995 words, by Matt Townsend and Eliza Ronalds-Hannon (Bloomberg). One photo.

PATENTS - A Patent Office review board draws mixed reviews. 1,170 words, by Susan Decker (Bloomberg).

AMAZON-JOBS - Labor Department data points OPEC - OPEC's apparent success in reducing the world oil glut may be short-lived. 685 words, by Grant Smith (Bloomberg).

CREDIT - Increasing distress signals from the credit markets indicate the post-crisis debt bull-run is peaking. 500 words, by Sid Verma (Bloomberg).

FACIAL-ID -- Facial recognition may finally be on the verge of breaking out with consumers. 665 words, by Olga Kharif (Bloomberg).

BITCOIN - A third version of Bitcoin is likely to appear in November. 795 words, by Lulu Yilun Chen and Eric Lam (Bloomberg).

VANGUARD -- Investors should brace for a decade of "muted returns," Vanguard Group is warning. 585 words, by Jeong Lee and Keiko Ujikane (Bloomberg).

EQUIFAX-BG - Equifax could get away with paying a mere $1 per person after failing to protect almost half of America's credit data. 1,120 words, by Edvard Pettersson (Bloomberg).

STEEL-EUROPE - Thyssenkrupp and Tata Steel agree merge their European steel businesses. 585 words, by Aaron Kirchefeld, Thomas Bieshuevel and Swansy Afonso (Bloomberg).

IRAN -- In his U.N. speech Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rips into President Trump as a "rogue newcomer" to world politics. 675 words, by Carol Morello (Post).

MEDIA-GLOBAL - The press is really popular in nations like the U.A.E. where it's most restricted. 840 words, by Callum Borchers (Post). One photo.

Health, science and environment

MARIA-TELESCOPE -- Hurricane Maria batters Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico's famous radio telescope. 425 words, by Sarah Kaplan (Post).


HEALTHCARE-COMMENT - Trump's repeal push just took a massive new hit. 930 words, by Greg Sargent (Post).

VIETNAM-COMMENT -- A look at what the Vietnam War tells us about Trump voters. 810 words, by David Von Drehle (Post).

NATIONS-THIESSEN-COMMENT - President Trump's U.N. speech promoted classic conservative ideas. No wonder the left hated it. 820 words, by Marc A. Thiessen (Post special).

CARTOON-CAMPBELL-NKOREA - Tim Campbell's editorial cartoon (Post). Three graphics.

MIDEAST-COMMENT - Donald Trump won't make progress on a two-state solution while Benjamin Netanyahu is in power. 1,010 words, by Nathan Hersh (Post special).

RUSSIA-BROADCAST-COMMENT -- Russia-based RT network wants to spread Moscow's propaganda in the U.S. It should register as an agent of a foreign government - as in fact it is legally required to do. 1,350 words, by James Kirchick (Post special).


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