A Nebo teacher leaves today for an all-expense paid trip to Germany after she was selected as a recipient for the James G.K. McClure Award.

Kelly Monosso teaches fourth grade at Nebo Elementary. She was honored at Monday night’s school board meeting for being selected for the award that sponsors a trip abroad or a group of educators every year. Teachers are given the opportunity to apply, which includes writing an essay.

“In her essay, Kelly distinguished herself on how she would use it in the classroom to expose students to education that is different than their own,” Superintendent Mark Garrett said at the meeting. “She wants to empower students to take a more significant role in their education, help students understand that education is important and not everyone in the world has the same opportunities.”

Monosso heads out Friday for the 10-day trip with other educators where they will learn about renewable resources, she said.

“We are going to one city that is most known for renewable resources. They don’t pay anything for energy they produce, and they provide their energy to other cities and get paid for it,” Monosso said.

She has attended training in Raleigh to learn the language some, and had her students research Germany during the year.

“I wanted to get the kids excited about where I’m going. Travelling is dear to my heart, so I really wanted to expand my education in the European countries,” she said. “I want have the children see that it’s not just McDowell County, and to broaden their thoughts.”

Garrett said it is a life-changing experience for Monosso and her students, and he hopes she will share her adventures when she returns.

In other business:

--Foothills Community School presented the curriculum feature to the board Monday night. Two students, Thomas Anderson and Eric Simpson, talked to the board about their Moms for Motors car show. The event was student-run, student-lead and student-executed. The goal of the car show is to raise money for the FCS’s annual orientation trip to help offset the cost for students. FCS students raised over $500 from the car show, and applied many aspects of advertising, design, history, math and social studies when planning the event.

--Regional Teacher of the Year Carrie Franklin gave her last presentation as the board representative. She gave Certificates of Awesomeness to each of the board members. Greg Barksdale received the Chair Buddy Award since he sat next to Franklin all year; Randy Williams received the Best Dressed Award for always wearing a suit to the meetings; Amy Moomaw received the Most Inquisitive Award for her questioning of certain matters and eagerness to learn; Mark Garrett received the Mr. Funky Socks Award for his interesting fashion choice in socks; Doug McGraw received Rookie of the Year for being the new guy on the board; Terry Frank received the Dragon Pride Award for being Glenwood’s representative; Brian Piercy received the Spirit Award for his positive attitude; Terry English received the Finance Award for his knowledge of the board’s finances; Bob Brackett received the Athletic Supporter Award for his support of all things sports; Patrick Ellis received the Encouragement Award for always supporting Franklin; and Aaron Slutsky received the Mad Tech Skills Award for helping Franklin with all of her technology presentation.

She ended her term with a duet with the 2017 Teacher of the Year Benjamin Moore, who will slide into her place next month. He is a music teacher at West Marion Elementary, and wrote the song they sang. “When my mom retired last year, they sang this song together. It’s just about how special he thinks McDowell County is,” said Franklin.

Garrett said Franklin will continue to serve as Regional Teacher of the Year until next spring.