Destiny Bartlett created this collage to go along with her theme of the paths people have to choose in life.


Creativity is everywhere in Karen Dark’s Art IV class at McDowell High School.

Students in the class are preparing for their final art show of their high school careers.

Each one has chosen a specific concentration, which they’ve developed throughout the semester by creating different images that reflect their chosen theme.

Chelsea Hobson is one of five of Dark’s Art IV students who will present works for the final time as a high school student. The show is at MACA during the month of May.

The young artist chose a theme that helps her connect with history and recreate some of the images she’s captured on film.

“My concentration is abstracting landscapes with historical references,” said Hobson. “I’ve created these using photographs I’ve taken from around here, so all these are like places in Old Fort, Marion and Asheville.”

Like Hobson, senior Katie McPeters has also focused in on a topic, which has given her creativity wings.

“My concentration is using wings and flight as metaphors for human hearts, hopes, dreams and aspirations,” said McPeters. “I kind of come up with my images on my own. Sometimes, certain things will inspire me to do them. The one with the butterfly actually came about after listening to a song. The images just kind of come to me, some for more personal reasons.”

Music is a common thread with many of Dark’s students. Caleb Grindstaff chose that as the focus of his work.

The teen’s work illustrates how people tell stories and convey their emotions through music.

“This is a memory piece, but an abstract of it,” said Grindstaff, while looking at a brightly colored abstract landscape portrait he created earlier in the year. “I was with a group of friends and this really good song came on and we all love that song, so I abstracted the landscape and the colors to fit that song. I tried using the little pieces of corn here to show the flow of the song.”

Kayla Bailey was busy finishing up a pencil portrait of the Wright brothers, who helped kick start modern-day flight.

Before that however, she had documented several other flight photos to develop her concentration of how mankind has progressed with flight throughout history.

One of her earlier works of a hot-air balloon reflects that progression.

“It was sort of next in sequence because it was one of the first actual things that allowed humans to achieve flight,” said Bailey. “It sort of captures that incredible feeling of flying above something.”

Instead of capturing the progression of man’s inventions, Destiny Bartlett has created a portfolio which leads its viewers to wonder whether or not they’ve made the right choices in life.

“My concentration is about the different paths that you have to choose in life,” said Barlett. “Each path is different and none of them are the same. The path I’m working on right now is made up of stairs. They’re really confusing and it kind of represents how sometimes choosing the right path is not easy.”

Along with seniors, other art students from McDowell High School will also be showcasing their work and will be be available to speak to guests who attend the reception in honor of this year’s MHS student art show.

The reception will be on Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at MACA. The exhibit will be open to the public during MACA’s regular hours of operation on Thursday, May 8 to Tuesday, May 27.