Former Davidson County Sheriff Gerald Hege has filed to run again for the office.

Hege, whose name appears on the Davidson County Board of Elections website as a Republican candidate, made the announcement via Facebook on Wednesday.

It is his second attempt at the office after a 2004 conviction on obstruction of justice charges. Hege, who served for 10 years after his 1994 election, also ran in 2010, losing out in the Republican primary but garnering 24 percent of the votes cast by Republican primary voters.

It was not immediately clear whether Hege, 69, of Lexington, has had his civil rights restored or his record expunged. In North Carolina, felons can't be elected or appointed sheriff.

Hege's 2004 guilty plea was connected to allegations of corruption within his department. His plea arrangement allowed him to avoid prison time.

He was initially charged 15 felony counts including embezzlement and obstruction of justice.

A grand jury returned  indictments charging Hege with felonies connected to allegations of maladministration, misconduct and negligence in forcing deputies to falsify criminal statistics, misuse of county money, endangering the lives of his deputies in high-speed car rides, and racial profiling.