WSTA bus struck by pickup

No one was injured when a pickup struck the rear of a Winston-Salem Transit Authority bus on Peters Creek Parkway on Tuesday afternoon.

John Hinton/Journal

Winston-Salem Police say there were no major injuries this afternoon when a white pickup truck struck the rear of a stopped city bus on Peter's Creek Parkway.

The crash happened about 5:30 p.m. while the bus was at a designated stop near the Hutton Street intersection.

Police said a northbound blue pickup veered into the lane of the white pickup, causing the latter to hit the bus. The driver of the blue pickup did not stop.

The Winston-Salem Transit Authority brought another bus to the scene, and up to 10 passengers from the damaged bus transferred over to continue their route.

The crash caused the closure of two of the three northbound lanes of Peters Creek Parkway. One of those lanes has since reopened.

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