Good Time

Robert Pattinson in "Good Time."

“Good Time” (Amazon Prime): One of the undeniably great films of last year was “Good Time,” a crackerjack thriller starring Robert Pattinson as a skeezy wastrel trying to get his mentally disabled brother out of jail in the wake of a botched bank robbery. From Benny and Josh Safdie, “Good Time” is the rare film that’s both entertaining and emotionally devastating.

“The Emoji Movie” (Netflix): One of the most undeniably awful films of last year was “The Emoji Movie,” a noxious descent into hell in which T.J. Miller voices a multi-expression emoji who … I’ve already written too much. Watch it. Don't watch it. Nothing matters anymore.

“Logan Lucky” (available Friday on Amazon Prime): One of the undeniably great films of last year was “Logan Lucky,” Steven Soderbergh’s NASCAR heist comedy starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, Hilary Swank, Sebastian Stan and Seth MacFarlane.

“The House” (available Saturday on HBO Now, HBO Go): One of the most undeniably disappointing movies of last year was “The House,” an R-rated comedy that sounded great on paper — Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas run an underground casino — but went bust on the big screen.

“When We First Met” (Netflix): Omaha-raised Adam DeVine stars in this “Groundhog Day”-ish comedy about a guy who discovers a time-travel portal. He doesn't use the newfound technology to kill baby Hitler but he does keep going back three years in the past to win the heart of the girl who put him in the friend zone.

“Star Trek” (Hulu, Amazon Prime): The 2009 reboot of the franchise is one of the finest resurrections of intellectual property in Hollywood history — up there with “Batman Begins” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”

“Seeing Allred” (Netflix): A documentary about women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred in the context of increased media coverage of sexual assault allegations.

“Here and Now” (HBO Now, HBO Go): Alan Ball’s critically reviled new supernatural dramedy stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins as the parents of three adopted children and one biological child, the whole family experiencing all manner of modern problems. One of the kids, though, he’s having visions.

“The Trade” (Showtime): Very good Showtime docu-series on drug trafficking and the opioid epidemic.

“Alone Together” (Hulu): In this new Hulu comedy series, two friends try to make it in the status-obsessed milieu of L.A.

“The Collector” (Amazon Prime): Unfairly derided torture-porn horror thriller about a thief who breaks into a country home, only to find that a Jigsaw-like serial killer is already there. The killer is torturing the family and has rigged the house with booby-traps, and the the thief might be the only chance the family has. It’s trash, but it's trash made with care and craft.

“The Expanse” (Amazon Prime): If you’re a fan of world-building TV series like “Game of Thrones,” you’ll probably binge right on through this … expansive sci-fi series. It’s set in a far future wherein humanity has colonized the solar system and revolves around the class conflict that has emerged between Earth and Mars. It’s big, it’s fun, it stars Thomas Jane with a bad haircut.

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