New Drone Brings The Perfect Package To The Masses

(NewsUSA) - While smartphone and tablet sales are cooling down and other technologies, such as PCs, are in a full slump, the drone market is hotter than ever.

Drone sales have increased sharply and are expected to keep growing for the next several years.

Most of this growth is due to the innovations that manufacturers keep throwing at us, from making drones easier to fly, to lower prices and making them easier to carry with us on family vacations.

Now, just in time for the holiday-buying rush, a new drone has hit the market that takes portability to the extreme.

Seen first at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas this week, the GDU O2 is the latest in the consumer drone game -- and it packs a cool surprise.

The arms of the drone slide into the body and keep the props and rotors inside and protected while it travels around. Not only does this make the O2 smaller, it also provides for the super surprise -- the controller clips into the drone body making for an easy-to-carry package. Now that's portability!

This innovative slide arm configuration is made of aviation aluminum alloy, meaning that this drone, unlike others, can really take a hit. It also packs an advanced Visual Positioning System based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset for easy indoor flight and even safer landing.

Check out the new video here:

Like many other drones in this class, the GDU O2 packs some impressive, smart features. Most notable are the Smart Modes that make professional-style videography tricks a snap with the simple click of one button.

The Circle Mode uses facial recognition to determine where you are and then does a slick 10- second circle around you while keeping the camera set perfectly on you.

The Rocket Mode does the same thing, but straight up.

A personal favorite is the Dronie Mode, which shoots off at a 45-degree incline -- a cool shot straight out of Hollywood.

The company, GDU, also opened new customer support centers in Germany and the U.S. to ensure that customers in Europe and North America get easier after-sales support.

According to a company spokesperson, the new GDU O2 is open for pre-orders and will be shipping this month.

The price starts at $732.00, which is significantly cheaper than other foldable drones.

Check out more information here:


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