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After experiencing devastating flood damage for the second time, L.A. Beauty Bar is back and more resilient than ever thanks to their family, friends and community.

On Aug. 24, nearly one month ago, a violent storm swept through Marion causing multiple power outages and flooding. L.A. Beauty Bar, located on East Court Street, flooded quickly that day with customers inside.

“I saw a little bit of water coming in the front door and then it just started flowing in and getting faster and faster,” said L.A. Beauty Bar co-owner Ashley Hughey. “ It was a struggle to open the door there was so much water. We got all of our clients out. The drain in the parking lot got backed up because the roads got backed up and pushed everything into our parking lot, and clogged the drains and everything just started rushing in.”

Even after drains were cleared, there was still 8-10 inches of water inside of their business that damaged thousands of dollars worth of equipment and property. These drains are connected to the city’s water system.

“Anything that had wood or particle board was damaged, our shelving, subwoofer and anything that was on the ground,” said Hughey. “Our makeup was the biggest loss.”

In just one week, Hughey said, they had all of the water removed and their business redecorated, repainted and were back open doing what they do best—hair.

“We made a final list of all that we lost with income and property that is going to the city to try,” said Hughey. “We are at almost $9,000 in damages and time lost.”

The community, family and friends stepped up to help the young female entrepreneurs in their time of need.

“Sheer Illusions and Fat Headz offered Lacey a chair to try and keep up with appointments, and we have had a lot of help from different businesses,” Hughey said. “Onee Pressley made us a new sign, Foothills Restoration and Get-Er-Done helped clean the floors and got us a deal, we have had different people bring us lunch, we had some donations made through Venmo, and family sent money to help get us through and get us back open. It meant a lot that people had our back and wanted to help.”

Hughey said for now they are staying where they are because most of the buildings in the city need upkeep and repairs.

“Our landlord has been great, and not many would have come here and dragged things out of their buildings and clean it up,” said Hughey. “We did try to reach out and look at different things, but as a small business owner, I can’t put thousands of dollars in repairs to other buildings.”

L.A. Beauty Bar is located at 355 E. Court St. Ste. 4 in Marion. They are open Tuesday through Saturday. To book an appointment, call 659-3906.

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