You might say Nathan Jones runs on RPMs and motor oil. At his recent ribbon cutting with the McDowell Chamber of Commerce, Jones proudly introduced his staff and family to the crowd gathered at Twisted Rod Tire Co. — his second family-owned automotive service and repair shop in Old Fort.

An admitted motorhead, Jones loves working on and customizing cars. The tire shop, located at 109 E. Main Street in Old Fort, sells tires, does inspections, transmission work, brakes, and oil changes. For larger jobs, Jones operates out of his first auto shop, Twisted Rod Customz that offers service, repair, and restoration including custom fabrication, paint, body, tune-ups, brakes, and exhaust.

Jones employs a total of six, four at the tire shop including office manager Dawn Brown, and two at the body repair shop. His children, Gavin and Aislynn keep busy answering the phone, taking out the trash, and watering plants while his wife, Angie helps out in the office when she isn’t working as a dental hygienist.

“Family is a priority,” Jones said. “They are a part of this business and help make it work.” Jones’ story is both inspirational and reminiscent of the small town Americana. He shifted gears back in 2016 from selling vehicles for someone else to getting his hands dirty and his head under the hood — turning his passion into a his profession.

“This was my hobby,” he said of working on and customizing cars. Today, he and his family pride themselves on keeping their neighbors and customers safe on the road.

Chamber Director Steve Bush along with County Manager Ashley Wooten and County Commissioner David Walker came to support Jones and thank him for providing a great service to the community as well as providing jobs. With two bays to accommodate customers, the shop is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Free diagnostic is always available should you have that pesky ‘check engine’ light come on.

Visit his new business, Twisted Rod Tire Co. located at 109 E. Main Street in Old Fort, and you’ll see and experience why this was a smart move for Jones and his family. The shop can be reached at 828-668-6700 or by email at

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