Life can get hectic – we all can relate. As we are pushed to accomplish more and be the best version of ourselves, we are also inundated with messages espousing that less is more and the importance of self-care. It's contradictory and frankly can be exhausting.

Enter Brittany Martin and Allie Webb. These two energetic entrepreneurs combined their individual businesses creating a calming space that invites the weary worker or petered out parent to live simply.

At their new shop, Simply, Sweet & Happy, tucked in between Artesana Ice Cream and McDowell Local at 82 S. Main Street, you won’t find therapy couches. No, here you find the most unlikely calm to your chaos in delicious handmade cookies, carefully crafted soaps, lotions, candles, and other body care products—an oasis of happy things with which to surround yourself.

Longtime friends Brittany and Allie are proponents of living life and doing business in the least complicated way possible.

“We want to keep everything as simply as possible,” says Brittany. “From the ideas to the execution – let’s keep it simple. Let's not over complicate things. So, simply is who we are.”

Sweet and Happy also describe their business and the products they lovingly develop and offer at the shop.

Sweet in taste and in gesture describes Brittany’s life and business philosophies, while Allie brings wizard-like skills to the crafting of aromatic body care products and candles that bring happiness to her customers. Both were operating their businesses independently when it dawned on them that combining their operations seemed like the logical thing to do.

With the help of friend and former owner of XYZ Spirits, Tim Elliott, the two “women-preneurs” set about transforming the Main Street location (formally Spruced Boutique) into the inviting space it is today. A beautiful logo sign hangs above the confection counter in which all the variations of baked goods are displayed. Soft colors and plush furniture have an ataractic effect that instantly quiets the noise of the outside world. The two also work with select crafters from fabric artists (making hand bags) to a hand-lettering artist that makes home decor signs.

“We could not have opened this store without the love and support of the community and Tim,” said Brittany at a recent Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting that celebrated the new business opening. “As much as you all are here for us, we are really here for you!”

Brittany and Allie will continue to expand their offerings with the hope of becoming the, “the best little general store on Main Street.” So when your life seems to be in overdrive, take a detour and slip into Simply where sweet and happy are the specials every day.

Simply is located at 82 S. Main Street, Marion and can be reached at 828-417-0460.

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