The McDowell County District Attorney’s Office has joined the new statewide effort to reduce minor speeding tickets.

The new online service, found at, will allow those with speeding tickets of 15 mph or less over the speed limit to request the charge be reduced without a court appearance or an attorney.

“We are pleased to being offering this service,” said District Attorney Ted Bell. “Instead of missing work and wasting time having to sit in court, people can take care of these tickets on their computer at home.”

The new service went live on Nov. 1, and the web address is listed on the lower third of the traffic ticket. Once the request is sent, according to Bell, the DA’s office will check the applicant’s driving history and information on the ticket. Should they qualify, the office will approve a reduction to 9 mph over the limit, just as they would in court, and send the applicant a link to pay the reduced charge online.

If the request is denied, however, the driver will receive a response by email telling them to go to court on their assigned court date.

“Last year we implemented a system where people who were charged with an expired vehicle inspection or registration or no operator’s license can go online to the same web address and request a dismissal once they have corrected the issue. This is just the next step in increasing our efficiency, saving taxpayer money, and respecting people’s time,” said Bell.

In order to participate in this program the driver must be at least 18 years of age or older and have a valid North Carolina driver’s license. The request must be submitted seven business days or more before the assigned court date.

For more information or to request an approval, go to

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