The Old Fort Board of Aldermen met on Monday to discuss mowing and repairs for the Old Fort Cemetery and updates on trademarks for the town logo.

Mayor Rick Hensley opened the meeting with discussion of mowing the Old Fort Cemetery during the summer months.

“It’s almost grass cutting season and we need to get underway soon,” said Hensley.

One of the suggestions mentioned prior to the meeting was to have inmates under supervision handle mowing and lawn care. According to the aldermen, an inmate class is scheduled for this month, so further discussion on the suggestion will come at a later time.

Later in the meeting, the topic expanded to renovations to roads in and out of the cemetery as well as walls on the property.

“One of the walls in particular is falling apart when you drive past it,” said Old Fort Police Chief Melvin Lytle Jr. “We need to have something to make it a little more secure.”

Some of the roads are not designated as state roads and others lead to residential property. Discussions will continue at the next meeting.

In other business:

• There were no public comments.

• Alderman Andrew Carlton received an email from attorneys in Charlotte in reference to trademarking the Old Fort town logo. According to Carlton, the logo would be approved if the trademark examiner was allowed certain amendments within the application, specifically mentioned was that the name “Town of Old Fort” and founding date could not be copyrighted, while the emblem in the logo can otherwise be trademarked.

• In new business, the alderman unanimously decided to keep the same budget officers.

• The board discussed street lights and signs.

• A closed session was held prior to adjourning the meeting at 6:19 p.m.

The next meeting is set for Monday, April 10 at 5:30 p.m.