Two sinkholes opened up on New Year’s Eve in Marian, with one trapping a trash truck for several hours.

Early Monday afternoon, emergency units and law enforcement were dispatched to the parking lot of Lady Marian Plaza next to Go Grocery after receiving reports of a trash truck dipping into a sinkhole. Upon arrival, units found the trash truck submerged into the ground by its back tire and pinned against the wall.

According to Angie Wright of McDowell Emergency Management, the driver of the trash truck did not receive any injuries and was able to escape the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Wright also speculated that the sink hole opened in the parking lot due to last Thursday and Friday’s frequent rain and flooding, as well as failure of the ground underneath the truck.

“As of right now, there’s no water pipes busted, no sewer pipes busted that would’ve caused it,” said Wright. “All the structure underneath is intact, so it looks like it’s just part of nature from the weather we’ve been having.”

Hours after the truck had driven into the sinkhole, a crane, which had been called in from South Carolina, was able to extricate the vehicle from the ground by 5:30 p.m., where the sinkhole, of indeterminable size at the time of the incident, was still actively sinking and was under observation by officials.

Concurrent to investigating the sink hole at Lady Marion Plaza, units were also notified of another, albeit smaller, sinkhole located by a motorist in the parking lot of Moondoggy’s Diner, with measurements, according to Wright, between four to six feet deep. The section of the parking lot was roped off and inaccessible to the public.

Wright also said there were no signs of busted water or sewer lines from this sinkhole and that it, like the other, was most likely caused by the recent weather event.

“If people do see any additional sink holes, with the weather we’ve had, this could possibly pop up anywhere,” said Wright, “and if they see it, they should call 911 or call the Sheriff’s Office or police department to observe and see what we can do.”

For footage of the sinkhole and the removal of the trash truck on The McDowell News Facebook page, go to

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