Marion City Council to hear about flood damage, K-9 unit, social media policy on Tuesday

City of Marion Salaries, 2018

* The salaries for the mayor and council include allowances for medical insurance, travel, and communications and technology.

Arrowood, Kevin Eugene Equipment Operator I 23,774
Barrier, Charles Ricky Meter Reader 30,222
Barrier, Dennis J Police Training Coordinator 42,952
Behm, Kevin T Maintenance Worker 23,774
Benge, James K Equipment Operator II 33,613
Bingham, Anthony Kyle Equipment Operator I 23,774
Boger, Joan C Administrative Support Specialist 31,262
Boyette Jr, John R City Manager 112,362
Bright, Jason R Street Crew Leader II/Maintenance Tech 37,107
Brooks, Austin G Police Officer II 35,835
Buchanan, Anthony Daniel Collections/Distribution Technician 26,229
Buchanan, Branton T Equipment Operator II 29,266
Carpenter, Richard M Development Review Administrator 36,504
Carter, Revonda G Laboratory Supervisor 41,371
Carver, Larry D Water/Wastewater Treatment Superintendent 79,165
Caudill, Randy A Police Officer I 32,189
Clark, William Christopher Fire Engineer 31,859
Cochran, Jason B Technology Systems Administrator 51,896
Cook, Gary D Crew Leader/Equipment Operator 35,963
Costner, Scotty A Utility Maintenance Superintendent 57,699
Cotton, Heather A Planning and Development Director 66,061
Cyr, Randy J Police Sergeant/Shift Supervisor 45,260
Davis, Brandi C Police Officer II 34,790
Dillingham, Alfred L Equipment Operator II 37,710
Dockery, Joshua D Collections/Distribution Technician 26,229
Duncan, John Paul Equipment Operator I 27,248
Dunn, Crystal J Plant Operator 33,966
Duyck, Caleb C Police Officer I 33,812
Eckard, Rodney D Fleet Maintenance Supervisor 45,677
Ellis, Jeffrey Scott Maintenance Worker 24,981
Finley, Brian Mark Crew Leader/Plant Operator 36,504
Finley, Cole W Police Officer I 31,900
Flowers, Tammy R Human Resources Administrator 41,371
Greene, Nathaniel Police Officer II 35,323
Gutierrez, Ricardo I Police Investigator Sergeant/Shift Supervisor 44,371
Harklerode, Jamie Patrol Commander 51,834
Healey, Thomas J Public Works Superintendent 57,158
Hensley, Michael S SRO/Police Officer Special Assignment 46,527
Hink, Russell J Police Investigator I 41,748
Hollifield, Jonathan L IT Support Technician 31,762
Hollifield, Ronald G Maintenance Worker 28,662
Horton, James T Lab Technician 35,360
Hoskins, Daniel N Police Corporal/Asst Shift Supervisor 40,347
Hudgins, Amy E Fire Engineer 37,040
Huggins, Matthew F Police Officer II 36,324
Jenkins, Stefan R Investigations Commander 51,834
Kha, Xoua Luke Police Sergeant/Shift Supervisor 42,148
Lawrence, Larry Allen Police Chief 79,997
Ledford, Alvin D Maintenance Worker 28,954
Letterman, Terry Daniel Maintenance Worker 26,374
Lewis, James H Sanitation Superintendent 39,728
Lewis, Jeremiah J Police Officer I 34,768
Loftis, Benjamin Corey Police Sergeant/Shift Supervisor 40,570
Lytle, Beth A Administrative Support Specialist 31,262
Mackey, James D Plant Operator 34,694
Maltba, Michael Travis Police Officer I 33,923
Maynor, Darrin E Equipment Operator II 29,723
McDaniel, Raymond N Assistant Fire Chief 50,856
Moore, Leslie Brett Tax Collector 40,019
Neal, James E Fire Chief 61,152
Noblitt, Jessen S Collections/Distribution Technician 26,208
Noles, April L Ordinance Enforcement Officer 31,096
Norton, Dustin C Crew Leader II/Equipment Operator II 37,107
Osbon, Robert B Plant Operator 40,810
Owenby, Kevin W Fire Inspector 36,962
Padgett, Jonathan E SRO/Police Officer Special Assignment 38,480
Penland, Dawn M Assistant Finance Director 45,386
Presnell, Corey L Fire Engineer 33,210
Presnell, Lacey G Administrative Assistant 30,910
Rodriguez, Eric Investigator II 39,525
Sanders, Jeffrey D Plant Operator/Backup ORC 37,170
Scherer, Julie T Assistant City Manager/Finance Director 80,018
Sherlin, Debra W Administrative Assistant to the City Manager 36,754
Sikes, Jimmy Brant Public Works Director 81,702
Stevens, Derrick W Collections/Distribution Technician 26,229
Stockton, John Eric Maintenance Tech/Plant Operator 30,555
Swink, Robert D Fleet Mechanic 32,469
Terrell, Tirrie Todd Billing Customer Service Representative 27,664
Thompson, Karen R Senior Billing Customer Service Representative 32,406
Vallini, Darren K Plant Operator 34,466
Vaughn, Jeffery D Building Inspector 41,725
Vess, Donald J Equipment Operator I 25,688
Walker, Michael K Maintenance Worker 27,394
Walker, Robert D Police Officer I 33,923
Ward, Joseph D Maintenance Technician/Plant Operator 34,362
Westbroook, Susan H Warehouse Manager/Purchasing Specialist 32,282
White, Donald L Maintenance Worker 23,774
Wilson, Zachary A Police Officer I 33,923
Worley, Benjamin T Lead Plant Operator 35,277
Wyatt, Christian Police Corporal/Asst Shift Supervisor/K9 Officer 39,614
Council Members*
Ayers, Woody J Council Member 11,347
Doggett, Juanita G Council Member 11,347
Harkey, Ann R Council Member 11,347
Little, Stephen R Mayor 15,130
Martin, Billy S Mayor Pro Tem 11,347
Ramsey, Donald R Council Member 11,347