Name Title Salary
Rick Hensley Mayor $3,300/year
Andrew Carlton Mayor Pro Tem $3,300/year
Melvin Lytle Alderman $3,000/year
James Grindstaff Alderman $3,000/year
Jimmie Harris Alderman $3,000/year
Wayne Stafford Alderman $3,000/year
Renee' Taylor Finance Officer/Town Clerk/Tax Collector $55,000
Gail Turner Water Billing Clerk $31,000
Melvin Lytle Chief Police/Maintenance Supervisor $61,500
Will Guzman Police Officer $33,700
Steven Corns School Resource Officer $30,500
Paul Evington Reserve Officer $4,500
James Lytle Maintenance Worker $31,700
Charles Shumaker Maintenance Worker $31,700
Tony West ORC/Sewer Plant Operator $36,650
Aaron Vess Sewer Plant Worker $21,000

The following salaries and titles were provided by the Town of Old Fort.