A new way to listen to a classic:  WBRM’s new FM channel gives station a big boost

Local radio station WBRM has always been part of my life.

When I was in grade school, my family eagerly turned our radio dial to 1250 AM when there was a chance of snow or inclement weather that might cancel or delay school.

Once I returned home from college, attending football games at the high school became a regular thing. So did venturing to Wendy’s after half time, getting a late-night cheeseburger and a Frosty, and sitting in the parking lot of Wendy’s listening to the game in hopes of hearing about a Titan victory.

Back then, the after-dark signal didn’t reach my house in Nebo, so grabbing dinner in the parking lot was the perfect excuse to beat the crowd out and keep listening for the outcome.

Now as a 30-something whose balancing bills and adult responsibilities, I find myself tuning to WBRM’s new FM station 103.9 to relax. If you’ve never given the station a chance or perhaps couldn’t stand the low-tech sound of AM radio, I suggest you give their new FM location a listen.

There you’ll find a mix of classic and modern country hits as well as lunchtime programming that gives you a taste of life in McDowell County.

Van McKinney’s High Noon All Request Show offers listeners a chance to call Van – who by now is a local broadcasting legend-- and request a favorite song and maybe even share a little bit about themselves on air.

During a recent lunchtime request, a listener stated that, he was lucky. His dad grew up with Hank Williams and he “grew up with real country music, too, by Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.”

He then requested that Van try to play music by both artists all day long. Van said he couldn’t do that, but that he could play one of their tunes for the man, which seemed to satisfy his need for the country he grew up with.

The best part about WBRM’s new FM station? Its signal reaches farther north, south, east and west, which means that more people can enjoy country tunes, talk radio segments in the morning and Titan football, basketball and baseball games. 

If you need a reminder as to why you chose a small town over the big city or you’re new to the area and want a sampling of McDowell County charm, I suggest you tune your radio dial to 103.9 FM WBRM, or if you’re in the mood for nostalgia and the way it was back then, try the station’s original 1250 AM.

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