A tune to get by: This classic cover can soothe the soul

This compilation album from Dwight Yoakam is great listening when you need a pick me up.

Has there ever been a song that helped you through a horrible, terrible, no good week?

If the answer is no, you should listen to a little more music.

Without Dwight Yoakam’s cover of “Some Dark Holler” off the album “Dwight’s Used Records,” I would have never made it to 5 p.m. today.

This week I’ve tripped and fallen, cut my finger wide open with a steak knife and bled all over the employee break room, dealt with people whose opinions are stronger than any  part of their body and began a series of final projects for graduate school that may be the death of me.

Through literal pain, frustration and annoyance, that song has helped me cope with things I cannot control. There’s something about Yoakam’s vocals and the song’s mix of strings that makes me feel as though everything is going to be alright.

I’ll be the first to admit the song isn’t the cheeriest of them. In fact, its lyrics describe a man who would rather be in a dark holler than to be without his love interest.

The chorus of the song “So blow your whistle freight train, take me farther on down the track, I'm going away, I'm leaving today, I'm going and I ain't coming back” helped me visualize the weekend and better times ahead.

If you’re down and out, or you find yourself frustrated by adulting in a world where you can never be disconnected from technology, I suggest you give Yoakam’s cover of this old traditional tune a listen. It may put you in the right mindset to get through anything.

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