Escaping reality with Supermarket Sweep

A screenshot of Supermarket Sweep, which reminds me of simpler times with less worries.

Being an adult can be rough. And that’s the nice way of putting it.

Last week was honestly the hardest week I’ve had since my mother passed away six years ago. I said goodbye to my miniature dachshund, Valentine, my companion since she was a small puppy that could fit into the palm of my hand.

She had been sick for a few days and I took her to the vet expecting the usual “she’s eaten something disgusting again” verdict from the doctor, but instead she was suffering from sudden kidney failure, “something entirely genetic.”

There was nothing they could do, so on a Monday before McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast, I said goodbye to my 10-year-old best friend and cried, and cried, and cried, because of the small soul that I had lost. That crying continued for days, the darkness swept in and I looked for comforts from my childhood, which is what I always go to when life isn’t being easy on me.

A routine trip to the grocery store reminded me of a game show my younger sister and I enjoyed as kids called “Supermarket Sweep.” When I got home and made dinner for myself and my partner, I started talking about the show and how I wish I could find old episodes of it. And then something magical happened. As if God was saying “Landdis, I know that you need this, so I’m delivering a bit of relief to you through your TV screen,” an episode of Supermarket Sweep came on the Buzzr Channel, which is entirely devoted to vintage game shows from every decade.

I watched the half-hour show that focuses on the shopping skills of its contestants and their ability to guess the prices of products and unscramble the names of popular brands while earning time to go shopping. Once each team’s earned time, it’s up to one shopper from each team to scour the store — or set of the game show — and purchase as many groceries as possible. The goal of the shopping spree is to spend the most money.

I’m not going to say that Supermarket Sweep took away the pain left behind by the empty pet bed in my living room, but I am going to say that the show did comfort me in a way that only nostalgia can.

If you remember the show and want to escape, or have never heard of it and want to see how mind-numbingly soothing it is, you can see episodes on Youtube, Amazon Prime streaming and on the Buzzr Channel.

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