Far from ‘Happy!:’  Syfy’s returning show will make you flinch (and maybe laugh)

Ex-cop Nick and his friend make-believe friend Happy are on a mission to save his daughter in Syfy’s latest dark – and I mean dark -- comedy.

“Yeah, it’s different.”

That’s really the only way I can describe Syfy’s show “Happy!” which launched its second season Wednesday.

The black comedy, which stars Christopher Meloni (the hottie from “Law and Order: SVU” and HBO’s “Oz”) and Patton Oswalt, who voices a blue unicorn, is far from an episode of “Star Trek” or any other show on the all-things-science-fiction-and-weird network.

During the first episode of season one – which you can binge-watch now on Netflix -- viewers meet Meloni’s character, Nick Sax. He’s an ex-cop with a bad reputation and a drinking and substance abuse problem. That may be an understatement. He has a lot of problems.

Now that he’s left (kicked off) the force, he’s morphed into a hitman who takes jobs from anyone, even the criminals he used to arrest.

Halfway through the episode Nick is severely injured by one of the people he’s been commissioned to kill. It’s during his transport to the hospital that he meets, Happy, an imaginary friend of a little girl who has been kidnapped.

I won’t ruin the rest of the first episode for you, but things get weirder and weirder as time flies by (like a flying unicorn).

“Happy!” is shocking, often crude, and weird as all get out, but the storyline is something I’ve never seen before and that earns it a severed thumbs up.

Meloni’s character lives in a world with no limits, no standards and no faux paus.

If you’re not horrified by a little (or maybe a lot) of gore every now and then, salty language, strange couplings or a computer generated unicorn flying around and giving advice to an ex-cop, you should (you have been warned) check out an episode of “Happy!” Again, binge it on Netflix and new episodes have just started airing on the Syfy Network. Above all, don’t let the kids watch it.

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