Find your prince charming: Disney unveils nostalgia-themed merchandise

You, too, can kuddle up with Aladdin with these cool pillowcases from the Disney Store's new line.

We live in a world where nostalgia sells faster than an original idea or concept.  I think it’s because most of us are looking for items that connect us to simpler times, where the only things we had to worry about is keeping our room clean and studying for the big spelling test on Friday.

I, myself, am guilty of buying items that connect me with elementary and middle-school Landdis. My tax papers are kept in a Trapper Keeper that I fished out of a storage container from my mom and dad’s attic. Not because the item is particularly good for storing tax papers, but because every time I look at it, I think about the begging that I did to get the trendy notebook and brightly colored pencils in third grade. 

On my desk at work you’ll find an assortment of retro-themed items including gel pens, they write better and bring me back to my middle school days of writing in my journal, and fun notebooks with catchy sayings.

Since Disney, like every major corporation out there, can afford consumer groups and research studies about what we all want, they’ve hopped on the nostalgia wagon with their latest collection of Disney Store items. 

If you can remember falling in love with Aladdin from the animated movie of the same name, or swooning over Prince Eric, as he kissed Ariel form “The Little Mermaid,” you’ll want one or more of the items from the “Oh My Disney Dashing Collection.”

The 30-plus items include pillowcases with different Disney prince faces on them, sweatshirts sporting the animated hotties and a purse that’ll tell you friends which prince you like, because it features their face in sequins. 

The items range from $4 to $70 and are a perfect way to cheer up your wardrobe without looking like someone trapped in the past.

If you’re interested in browsing this new collection, you can see all prince-themed items at

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