He’s a soul man:  Shinyribs set to perform in Asheville this weekend

Shinyribs at a 2016 performance at The Grey Eagle.

I can’t be mad that one of my favorite singers whose career has taken off over the last few years didn’t have the time to call and talk to me a year or so ago for a scheduled interview.

Afterall, I’m an arts and entertainment reporter at a small-town newspaper who only wanted a chance to talk to one of her favorite performers before one of his upcoming shows.

Weeks before I had lined up the interview. I had my phone alarm set to go off five minutes before his scheduled call, and then, nothing. I would love to say that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me, but it’s not.

Life happens. Things get busy. It’s OK. Seriously, though, I don’t hold a grudge.

That’s why I have plans to put on my dancing shoes and dress, and head to The Grey Eagle in Asheville tonight to see Shinyribs – otherwise known as Kevin Russell, formerly of the band the Gourds -- perform.

If you’ve never seen the Americana country-soul singer, then you’ve missed out. His sharp outfits, amazing vocals and smooth dance moves make hours turn into minutes and transport you through a world of bright feelings, sultry situations and much more.

If you’re a Shinyribs novice, I suggest listening to his cover of “All About that Base” and “I’ve Got Your Medicine,” two of his newer songs. You’ll find your toes tapping, your hips swaying and if the person you love is nearby you might end up dancing for a while.

If you’re without plans Friday, maybe consider joining me for a night of music. Afterall, life is short. We might as well dance our way through time and hope that the power of music lasts longer than we do.

To find out more about Shinyribs’ show on Friday, visit thegreyeagle.com.

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