Make Your Wish: It may or may not come true with new app

Here’s a screenshot of the oh-so-tempting Wish App homepage.

It was about a year ago when a friend of mine said “I really shouldn’t order things late at night.” That statement was followed by said friend admitting to ordering a hoodie with a kitten on it, a paint set and several other odd items that don’t go well together.

They had found out about the Wish app and had fallen in love with the cheap, mostly foreign-made items that take forever to arrive because they literally come off the boat and into your home.

I was resistant to even looking at the app, so a year went by and I forgot about Wish. That was until Facebook advertised that Wish had Christmas décor super cheap.

I quickly downloaded the app on my phone, browsed through items and ordered about $25 worth of stuff. Then, I waited.

Three weeks went by and I was sure I had been duped by Wish and that my items would never arrive. Then one small package arrived, followed by another small package, and then a large one, and then a small one. Everything I ordered was perfect, so I decided to order some more Christmas swag and gifts.

This time around, however, things didn’t turn out as well. I was shipped the wrong size dog coat. Because I didn’t learn the metric system and centimeters mean nothing to me, I accidentally ordered a 12-inch Santa Claus instead of 36 inch one. Then a bunch of cheaply made rugs arrived and I was disappointed.

The moral of this story is to always read carefully and look at the photos of items that you’re about to order. Had  I done either one of those things I may have resisted purchasing the above items.

If you’re looking for cheap décor items, odd stocking stuffers or craft materials, I recommend you download Wish and see what you can find. Sure not all its items are perfect, but that’s why you’re getting some things for a $1 instead of $10.

You can download Wish on most smart devices and visit their website at You’ll have to create an account, but that process is as easy as signing into your Facebook page.

If you’ve ordered wish items and they haven’t turned out quiet right, please feel free to share your Wish mishaps with me. It’ll be a comfort to someone who doesn’t like being disappointed by the items she orders.

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