MerleFest Spotlight: East Pointer’s give fresh sound to Celtic roots music

The East Pointers play two sets at Merlefest on Thursday, April 26.

Some may not believe the words high-energy and traditional music go together, but one of MerleFest’s newest acts is out to convince any doubters.

The East Pointers hit the stage at 6:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, during this year’s festival.

If you’re not familiar with the eastern Canadian trio’s music, you’re missing out. Their mix of roots and Celtic music make for an entertaining listening – and dancing -- experience.

“The roots of our music is Celtic music, but we try to take it in a whole different direction with our songwriting,” said The East Pointer’s fiddler and singer Tim Chaisson.  “Our songs are usually half instrumental and half songs, the songs tend to go into more of a popier folk world and the tunes have a traditional but contemporary sound. We try to explore and breathe a little bit more life into traditional music.”

Although Chaisson admits that Doc Watson’s music wasn’t a big part of his life growing up, he’s honored that he and his fellow bandmates, Koady Chaisson, Tim’s first cousin who plays banjo, and Jake Charron, who plays guitar, were given the opportunity to play such a prestigious event. 

“If there’s one festival we’ve heard so many great things about it’s MerleFest,” said Chaisson. “We’re a bit over the moon to actually be playing it. It’s a festival we never thought we would be able to play at.”

Over the years the group has created music that Chaisson says “makes people want to dance,” which is fine by him and his bandmates.

“People tend to like to dance to our music, which is awesome,” said Chaisson. “We tend to feed off that. That’s what the music was originally meant for, for square dancing and all that stuff, and we try to capture that energy in it.”

To find out more about The East Pointers and hear their music, visit More information and tickets to this year’s MerleFest, which takes place Thursday, April 26- Sunday, April 29, can be found at

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