I couldn’t look away during a commercial about the Reelz show “The Price of Fame.” In fact, I put a reminder on my phone’s calendar, so that I remembered to tune to the tv show on Saturday night.

If you’re a lover of trash tv like me, then you’ll dig this biopic series that focuses on the lives of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Muhamad Ali, Shania Twain and Eddie Murphy.

During Johnny Depp’s episode, I learned that Mr. Depp not only dropped out of high school, but also married his first love as a teenager. The marriage, unfortunately, didn’t last, but Johnny’s thirst for women and wine did.

Throughout the show a mixture of live interviews, reenactments and actual archived footage from Depp’s movies and from award shows helped viewers learn more about the star whose known as a heart throw to many.

Watchers also learned of some of Depp’s darker sides. Near the end of the show, viewers learned of alleged allegations about Depp abusing his most recent wife and also heard from several Hollywood insiders about his alleged drinking habits.

If you’re in for a smutty tv show to watch, I suggest you give “The Price of Fame” a view. You can chill while learning more about the celebrities you thought you knew and end each episode by saying “Thank God, I’m not them.”

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