A county-wide Title I night was held at the Historic Carson House where families were treated with performances by fourth graders, dinner catered by Countryside Barbeque and presentations by re-enactors from the Overmountain Victory Trail. Director Amanda Finn also talked to attendees about the history of the Carson House on the front porch steps, and they displayed what kind of food and other lifestyle details from the era. During the event, fourth graders competed in an art competition from the American Revolution after visiting the Carson House and learning from the Overmountain Men and the Historic Overmountain Victory Trail. Student art was expressed in many different forms and formats, such as paintings, pottery, sculpting, toy making, fashion, publishing, tools, music, dance, drama and multimedia. A panel of judges reviewed the entries and finalists were selected from each category. Judging was based on interpretation of the theme, technical skill and originality. Winners received an autographed book, gift card, ribbon or medallion. For more pictures, visit www.mcdowellnews.com.