Job loss is highly stressful. Some liken it to a divorce. Particularly if you were let go from a long-term employment situation.

Many factors are in play when trying to stay calm about looking for a job. The holiday season adds one more reason to feel out of sorts and anxious about the future.

Worry and stress are attitude and health killers. Thankfully, we are in a season of being reminded of the blessings we have, even though not all things are going well.

I saw in the last two years the value of counting our blessings as a way of overcoming the lack of hope during personal crisis situations. On two separate occasions, I was faced with persons contemplating giving up on life as a way to deal with their crises.

One person had lost his job and wife. The other was facing long-term incarceration. In each case, the opportunity to contemplate and reflect upon the blessings and good things in their lives gave them a different perspective. The result was a fresh look on life at a crucial time.

The more things we are willing to articulate and clearly define as a gift from God or whomever we worship, the more value we feel as a person. From there, comes hope for a better tomorrow.

I recommend making a written list of the blessings. Then, with some time alone, the list can grow longer and more meaningful. Each blessing is evidence that someone cares for us.

Job search involves being interviewed at some point by an interested party. In that interview, there will likely be some difficult questions that need a thoughtful, measured response. The mind needs to be calm and alert to be able to provide such a response. There is no room for fear and anxiety at this point. So, a few minutes in contemplation and thanksgiving before the interview would be a valuable exercise.

One of the best biblical passages to help us deal with worry and anxiety tells us to not worry about anything, but by prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, make our requests known unto God and the peace that passes all understanding will be ours. Note the thanksgiving part. It is the secret ingredient.

Being thankful for what we already have lessens the tension of having to stressfully strive for more. And, most importantly, it honors the ones we depend upon to provide for our needs.

Companies will hire us to solve their problems. They will pay us an agreed upon wage. If we take the job, we should be thankful for that wage. If not, we will give less than our best and everyone loses. Therefore, we should stay in a thankful mood at all times in order to stay employed and help the team succeed. Everyone wins.

Staying thankful will help us be relaxed and stress-free in the job search. It might even shorten the search process.

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Glenn Wise is owner of Right Hire Solutions, which provides prescreening and outplacement programs. Contact Wise at 336-509-5606 or